First post! Woo woo! Well as you can read in my description my name is Alison and I love exercise and fitness! Therefore, my posts will mostly be about ways I stay fit and healthy and how you can too!

Disclaimer: you should ALWAYS consult a personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Most of my posts will have an AIM and today is really to introduce myself. 😀 *thumbs up*

I’ve pretty much played every sport out there and truly love tennis. Since playing in high school and Division II at STAC it’s transformed my views of health and fitness to a new level. After graduating from STAC, assistant coaching my women’s tennis team has given me even more insight into the world of fitness and how to train and live like a true athlete 🙂 I’m a health nut, or maybe just a nut in general, but I enjoy the way I live and eat and sometimes all you need is the inside scoop to see how simple living a healthy life can be!

Making the transformation is not easy, but it can be done!

NO SMOKING, come’on now you just CAN’T have it both ways, it’s nasty, unattractive, and straight up a death stick! Give it up for yourself, your friends, and your family!

NO FAST FOOD, it’s absolute garbage and there’s definitely hair in there!!

And you have to get out there and MOVE! Exercise is key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle! The cavemen had to hunt and gather food to survive, we sit on our butts and get things delivered, something’s gotta give!

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE! Any time I felt like I couldn’t complete an exercise or just couldn’t play another set in tennis, you gotta FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! YOU CAN AND WILL DO IT! Can you see me yelling that at you? I hope so because it’s what I’m yelling at myself at the gym, haha.

So take these four steps to start off and begin making the change TODAY! Everyday is a new day and fitness is forgiving! So give it a chance! Start your day off right and start living a good life! Your body craves to be healthy! Give it what it wants!

“Be strong, work hard, eat right, get into fitness for life!” 😀

Until next time,



About Fit To Teach

I'm 24 years old from Rockland County, New York! I just graduated with my Master's in Special Education, but throughout my entire high school and college careers I've always been sports and fitness oriented! I love to work out and constantly challenge myself to be my personal best and I enjoy inspiring others to do the same! So that's my goal, to give you the down low on how to live the most fit life possible, and enlighten you on the best ways to do so! Motivation is key, believe in and be true to yourself, eat well, focus, and BREATHE! Living a fit life is a journey, not a destination! You CAN do it :)
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