Importance of Vitamins, Interval Training, and some fitness tech items!

Good afternoon!

Today, like most days, I’m usually crammed for time and need to get in effective, efficient, workouts and fuel my body with the proper food and nutrients it needs to feel good thought the day! Therefor here are a few vitamins I take which help me feel good and stay healthy!

A multivitamin-sooo good to restore depleted vitamins and supplement the food we eat daily!
A vitamin D– I’ve been hearing more than ever people suffering from vitamin D deficiency! I take one of these every other day to ensure I get my fill! Yes you get vitamin D from the sun, but because of pollution and other harmful effects from UV rays we aren’t getting the dose we need!
Vitamin C– always good for your immune system, especially since I’m always substitute teaching!
Glucosamine– really good for your cartilage and joint, I’ve had knee issues lately and have been taking this supplement to help aid in combating the pain!
Omega 3-6-9- great for cardiovascular health and have also been found to aid in skin repair!
That’s pretty much it! I know you probably think holy cow that’s a lot but I’ve found they help me feel great! I also throw in a vitamin B12 every other day to help my metabolism! Make sure you take these vitamins with food in your stomach or they can definitely cause and upset stomach!

As for working out in a short period of time…. I love and highly suggest interval training! It gets your heart rate up and burns calories at an accelerated rate! Personally, when I’m in a time crunch, I throw on an Insanity or Turbofire workout by both exercise programs have gotten me into the best shape of my life! So they are my go to workouts when I know I want to burn calories and tone muscle, in a short amount of time! Today I did Insanity cardio & resistance and Turbofire 20 minute HIIT workouts took me an hour and I burned 550 calories! I usually aim for 700-800 calories daily during my workouts, but since I had limited time 550 will do and fingers are crossed for some afterburn effect!!!

When it comes down to it, you have to motivate yourself to get these workouts in! I woke up at 8am so I could eat before I worked out, worked out for a little over an hr and then showered ate lunch and went off to work! When there’s a will there’s a way! Be determined to be healthy and get your workouts in! You can do it and you will feel great and energized the rest of the day!

My newest addition to my fitness tech toys is my Polar G60 heart rate monitor! I lovvvvveeeee it! I’ll post a link later to show all it’s features, but it monitors your heart rate, has a weight diary, shows you the 3 levels your working at and so much more! I highly suggest I’d your serious about fitness that you invest in one! Calorie monitors on treadmills etc are notoriously incorrect and over estimate calories! This will help you accurately monitor your workouts, calorie burn, and fat burn! Great toy, great investment!

That’s all for now!
Be strong, work hard, believe in yourself, get fit for life!!

Until next time,



About Fit To Teach

I'm 24 years old from Rockland County, New York! I just graduated with my Master's in Special Education, but throughout my entire high school and college careers I've always been sports and fitness oriented! I love to work out and constantly challenge myself to be my personal best and I enjoy inspiring others to do the same! So that's my goal, to give you the down low on how to live the most fit life possible, and enlighten you on the best ways to do so! Motivation is key, believe in and be true to yourself, eat well, focus, and BREATHE! Living a fit life is a journey, not a destination! You CAN do it :)
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2 Responses to Importance of Vitamins, Interval Training, and some fitness tech items!

  1. Liz Craig says:

    Hey fitness girl, I know I should take vitamins but sometimes they make me feel like crap and give me that gross vitamin taste laster on… any specific brands you go for?

  2. Personally, I’m cheap as heck so I take the Kirkland brand from Costco that’s at my house. However, some ways to help with feeling like crap I always feel definitely as to do with having something in your stomach. I definitely encourage taking them after you’ve eaten your entire breakfast. I find that even if I take them with breakfast I get nauseous and pretty much regret it! lol Omega 3-6-9 makes me burp…I’m trying to see how to cure that too… perhaps maybe some of the chewable adult vitamins may be up your alley as far as taste! Thanks for the question!

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