Breaking the fast… Break down on breakfast!


Alright so I’d like to make a point of how important it is to eat a well rounded breakfast! So many people skip breakfast or eat junk and that simply leads you on the track to poor health!

Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism for the day! Therefore, if you eat junk, things loaded with sugar and refined carbs, or nothing you aren’t giving your body what it needs to start the day off right! Sugar and simple carb based breakfasts encourage your body to over produce insulin which is needed for digestion of these products and therefore creates a surge of hunger once those simply processed items are gone!

Eating a well rounded breakfast of protein, complex carbs, and fiber will help you get your say off to the right start! You will for effectively burn calories the rest of the day because you’ve got your metabolism started the right way!

If you skip breakfast, you’ll either enter starvation mode where you won’t be losing weight because your body believes your starving or you’ll get your metabolism revved up late and end up being hungry into the evening hours.

But Alison, when I eat breakfast it makes me more hungry than when I don’t!!?!
Well again because of what I’ve stated above about getting your metabolism going but that’s always why we should really eat between 4-6 small meals a day and or a healthy snack between meals! Believe me your better off eating something within an hour f waking up then not eating anything until your famished!
I’ll post some examples of how I start my day in a little while!

Be strong, believe in yourself, say fit for life!

Until then,



About Fit To Teach

I'm 24 years old from Rockland County, New York! I just graduated with my Master's in Special Education, but throughout my entire high school and college careers I've always been sports and fitness oriented! I love to work out and constantly challenge myself to be my personal best and I enjoy inspiring others to do the same! So that's my goal, to give you the down low on how to live the most fit life possible, and enlighten you on the best ways to do so! Motivation is key, believe in and be true to yourself, eat well, focus, and BREATHE! Living a fit life is a journey, not a destination! You CAN do it :)
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