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Top 25 Fitness Gifts for Your Fit Friends

Top 25 Fitness Gifts for Your Fit Friends.     I want quite a few items on this list! So many good ideas! Advertisements

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Shoe Buyers Guide: The “Sole” Purpose

Shoe Buyers Guide: The “Sole” Purpose.

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Holiday Results…

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Related to my previous post on how to combat overeating on the holidays, well, I didn’t exactly follow my own advice! I rarely overindulge, and not that I completely went overboard, … Continue reading

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Strategies for navigating holiday feasting

Happy early Thanksgiving!!! So around this time of year everyone begins mentioning potential holiday weight gain. Whether its friends, family, coworkers, or that blaring sign at the gym reminding you that you’ll be eating salads if you don’t workout (obnoxious … Continue reading

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Hot Yoga

I’ve never, ever been a yoga person, it’s always been too slow for me, but hot yoga has complete changed my mind! Fireshaper (a local hot yoga studio with multiple locations in my area) was offering a free hot yoga … Continue reading

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I’m back!

I’m back! Many exciting things have been going on in my life forcing me to take a hiatus from blogging. Not to say that ill have a strong return, but I’d like to! I got a job! All that grad … Continue reading

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