I’m back!

I’m back! Many exciting things have been going on in my life forcing me to take a hiatus from blogging. Not to say that ill have a strong return, but I’d like to!

I got a job! All that grad school work paid off and I’m a high school special education and social studies teacher now and I love every, mind boggling, second 🙂

As for fitness, I have lots to share!

Since there is so much, I’d like to see what everyone out there is curious about? Where are you struggling with your workout or food habits? Any specific questions or ideas/experiences you’ve had that are great?

Ill be back soon with all my new adventures 🙂

Until then




About Fit To Teach

I'm 24 years old from Rockland County, New York! I just graduated with my Master's in Special Education, but throughout my entire high school and college careers I've always been sports and fitness oriented! I love to work out and constantly challenge myself to be my personal best and I enjoy inspiring others to do the same! So that's my goal, to give you the down low on how to live the most fit life possible, and enlighten you on the best ways to do so! Motivation is key, believe in and be true to yourself, eat well, focus, and BREATHE! Living a fit life is a journey, not a destination! You CAN do it :)
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