What the HECK! Interesting Find!

OK…so in the beginning of my health and fitness journey, I was ALL about “diet” foods. Diet soda, crystal light, diet this and that, basically anything that had no calories but could satisfy my cravings. However, over time when truly looking at the nutritional content of these items I was appalled. They really ARENT good for you AT ALL! Which most of you definitely know by now, or you should! 

So I began my transition, weening myself off diet coke and coke zero (my weakness), and not consuming foods which were advertised as “diet” or “light”. 

Can I tell you, I felt a MILLION times better. No more insulin spikes or cravings, it was liberating! If you haven’t already tried to cut these items out I HIGHLY recommend it. There’s just something so satisfying about not having cravings for these foods, a new found freedom!

So here is where my WTF moment came today…I was browsing one of my favorite websites Muscle and Fitness Hers, when I came to find a section on nutrition which went through items that you should consume to lean out. One of their recommendations was to eat/drink DIET foods!

Now I know that the goal of that website isn’t necessarily upholding a holistic lifestyle and consuming foods that are not processed or contain aspartame… so maybe I shouldn’t be SO surprised….

But from what I’ve read and rumors I’ve heard about the adverse effects of consuming diet products, I have made my best effort for a full lifestyle change to avoid them! So I was kind of disappointed when one of the ways the website suggested to cut down was to consume diet products…How about cutting soda out of your lifestyle? Or consuming more water! Which is an issue for most people!

I don’t know, just found it pretty unfortunate that a well known website would promote use of diet products when we truly do not know the effects that diet products have on our bodies as of yet.

Sorry to have a ranty Sunday! Using today as a recovery and stretch day since I am sore from my Friday run/workout and Warrior Dash! 🙂 

Hope everyone is enjoying the day!


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Warrior Dash!

I did my first Warrior Dash today!

It was so much fun! Definitely a challenge because trail running is so much different then road running!

Lots of hills, mud, fire, and cool obstacles!

Cannot wait to enter into another race!

Any suggestions?




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Friday workout!

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone has survived the week!

I started out my Friday with a nice 4.4 mile run 🙂 I always have to walk some of my run because I’m currently nursing a knee injury and am curiously waiting for the results of my MRI so I’m being cautious in the meantime 😔

After I iced me knee and relaxed for a bit before enjoying a homemade coconut milk parfait with strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and some granola on top 😍

Been good today avoiding foods containing cholesterol so I had some whole grain cereal for breakfast 😋

Turns out my HDL cholesterol was 75 and LDL was 105 and idk what made up the other amounts. In thinking also the fact that I was just overseas in Scotland and Paris that that could’ve contributed to my numbers. But in the meantime I’m going to play it safe 🙂

Enjoy your day everyone!



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Disappointed :(

Ok so I recently had blood work done and my results came back that my cholesterol was on the high side!

I’m disappointed because I pay really close attention to the food I eat and everything I consume, so I’m upset to hear that 😦

I usually have eggs & turkey bacon for breakfast, a salad with cold cuts for lunch, veggies, nuts, yogurt, or whole rain chips as a snack, and a meat with veggies for dinner.

I can’t remember at the moment if I have a family history of high cholesterol, but regardless i need to find a way to get it under control.

Any suggestions? Cutting back on meat? Help!


A concerned Alison

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Dining out!

So I’ve been on a serious health binge since returning from Scotland and France. However, I’m not willing to let it come in between me seeing family and friends I haven’t seen all year.

So today I went out to Long Island, NY to see my cousins and they decided we’d eat at Joe’s Crab Shack. Upon hearing where we were going to be eating, I decided to immediately look online at the menu and the calories of all the meals. 


HOLY COW… most of Joe’s Crab Shack meals top out between 800-1200 calories! Can you believe that!! Absolutely insane. Isn’t fish suppose to be healthy?! It’s such a FALSE sense to go there and think you can go out to eat seafood where most people should associate with healthy and then consume more calories in one meal than you need by ANY means! 

UGH so wrong.

I ordered the Maui Mahi coming in at about 680 calories…best I could do with having a meal there and not just appetizers. It was pretty good!

The best way to avoid diet blunders is to look up calories on the website ahead of time and make educated decisions!

Just some food for thought!



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Post-workout goodness!


Those two classes back to back were tough! I’m gonna be sore tomorrow, but I love it!

Here’s my post workout shake, I’m finishing up my designer whey (which was definitely my favorite protein shake) but i have coconut milk it in because I’m conforming to a dairy free lifestyle. But since I’m 25 and too cheap to just throw out a good shake, in finishing it up! 🙂

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Morning workout!

I’m off to the gym this morning for a 2 hour workout!

One hour of Pilates! And one hour of strength training! Wish me luck!


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