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Any recommendations?

Hello! I’m back! Been planning like crazy for the school year because in 2 short weeks ill be back in the classroom! I found out thru an MRI that I have a small tear in my meniscus. Not enough for … Continue reading

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What the HECK! Interesting Find!

OK…so in the beginning of my health and fitness journey, I was ALL about “diet” foods. Diet soda, crystal light, diet this and that, basically anything that had no calories but could satisfy my cravings. However, over time when truly … Continue reading

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Morning workout!

I’m off to the gym this morning for a 2 hour workout! One hour of Pilates! And one hour of strength training! Wish me luck!

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Help Followers!

Hello again! I need some help/advice on the best vegan/dairy free protein shakes that are on the market.  Has anyone ever tried the brand “Raw Protein” or “Raw Meal” how does it compare to Whole Foods “supergreen” shake?  I’d like … Continue reading

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Reebutt Workout Results

Just wanted to quickly post my results from the Reebutt workout from Bonnie!  That workout is some serious leg work! I got through 2 full rounds before I quit lol I decided not to completely kill myself the first time, … Continue reading

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Hello All!   Being a first year teacher, my life is consumed by lesson planning, material finding, grading, and all the unexpected odds and ends that teaching has to bring. Even though my life has changed, exercise is one area … Continue reading

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Strategies for navigating holiday feasting

Happy early Thanksgiving!!! So around this time of year everyone begins mentioning potential holiday weight gain. Whether its friends, family, coworkers, or that blaring sign at the gym reminding you that you’ll be eating salads if you don’t workout (obnoxious … Continue reading

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